Our Process


We start with a proprietary soy based wax blend that is free of additives.  You can safely enjoy the benefits of a clean burning and eco-friendly candle with a strong fragrance aroma.  All of our fragrance oils are 100% liquid concentrate and have been tested for use in candles.

 Before we start making a candle, we spend days in the lab preparing to make sure each scent blend is perfect and that the candle burns both clean and even.  Every step is completed by hand by a skilled candle maker. Fragrances and wax are blended by hand continuously to ensure even distribution. The cotton wick is then placed in the candle vessel, and then preheated to warm the jar before we pour the wax.  

While the wax is cooling, the wicks are adjusted and straightened by hand, one by one.

Once the wax is cooled and firmed, each candle is inspected, and wicks are cut by the candle maker. The lids are placed on the jar within three hours to trap the scent into candle. After one final inspection, each candle is cleaned, polished and labeled.

The candle is then boxed and packaged for you to enjoy.


We can only hope that you love your candle, just as much as we love making them.

Size Chart