GRACE - A soft floral blend of leather, vanilla & rose. By far our best-selling scent. Our customers have said this is what “Amazing Grace” smells like in a scent. Subtle, yet lingering.

JOURNEY - A blend of sweet lavender and bold lemon grass. This scent immediately put you in Zen mode we’d like to call it a journey to euphoria.

HOPE - A blend of pink sugar and warm vanilla. A baker’s dream scent, cake bake

LOVE - A soft blend of amber, sandalwood & pomegranate. Soft and loving…

FAITH - A mixture Black Currant & Sandalwood. Sensual, sophisticated and luxe. A great scent for Men & Women.

INTENT - A mixture of Vanilla & Patchouli.  The perfect hint of patchouli to balance out the sweetness of vanilla.

This scent was created for the holistic, one with earth super mama!

FRUITION - A mixture of lemon, watermelon, and strawberries. It’s like the smell of fresh squeezed lemonade on a hot summer day. A newbie to the line, but a crowd favorite.

BELLE - A mixture of sweet strawberries & cream. A very light fruity blend.

CALM - Our version of stress relief, blended with eucalyptus, lavender & chamomile. A very soothing scent brings Calm after the storm.

PURPOSE -A mixture of lemon, honey orange & bergamot. Simply liberating and uplifting.

FREEDOM - A blend of sweet coconut and bold grapefruit. Imagine being tucked away on a small deserted island. Pure paradise.

DREAM - A mixture of orange, lemon zest, coconut & vanilla. Smells just like the nostalgic dreamsicle we all know and love.


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