When Pain Becomes Growth

When Pain Becomes Growth

September 23, 2018 2 Comments

Your past is just that, THE PAST...Done, Completed, CHAPTER CLOSED!

Don't let anyone make you feel bad about anything that has happened to you.

Remember, forgiveness is for you THE SURVIVOR, not the perpetrator.

It allows you to move through life in peace, without malice or hate in your heart.

Ultimately, that’s the ONLY part God cares about. THAT CORE OF YOUR ENTIRE BEING…THE HEART!

Yes, I WAS (past tense) a victim of child molestation.

Yes, I WAS once in a physically and verbally abusive relationship.

We BOTH fought like cats and dogs. Doesn't make it right, but that was our norm.

I NOW know where that energy stemmed from. (MORE TO COME ON THIS IN THE BEAUTY SHOP TALK)

I had someone recently bring up that hurtful piece of my past. A piece of me that I shared with them in private, coming from a place of transparency and vulnerability.

There is not a soul on Earth can make me feel bad about what someone else did to me.

You know why? Because I accepted it, I healed, I moved on.

I prayed for knowledge, understanding and forgiveness.  


There is NOTHING  within God’s grace and compassion that would allow me to dwell in a place of hurt and demise.

Never forget...

What the devil uses for evil, GOD MEANS FOR GOOD!

With adversity comes resilience. 

Keep your petals up Rose Buds.

Psalm 51:10

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JC McMillian
JC McMillian

October 03, 2018

Awesome post!! Love your transparency!! Keep shining sister!!


September 28, 2018

Grow through what you go through!

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