September 21, 2019

Today I woke up in a spirit of reflection, because I needed to push myself out of a dark place…

I was reminded that no matter what ANYONE told me, I prevailed…

Most recently I had someone tell me I was UNDERFUNDED to do the volume I have projected for Infinity Candle Co. It broke my spirit yet sparked a fire in me.

I sat back and thought about all the doubts and rejections in my life. Most importantly all the NO's and closed doors.

I was told that I wasn’t enough being a kid from the hood. I was destined to be on welfare, with a house full of kids.

I was told I couldn’t make an impact without means.

I was told I would never be a buyer, by a previous supervisor at that.

I was told that I would never have children after endometriosis and several miscarriages.

I was told I would never make six figures without a degree.

I was told I couldn’t own/run a business without funding, a degree or any formal training or education.


Everything “they” said I wouldn’t I DID!

I am more than enough, proving that day in and day out.

I am making an impact with everything God has given me. A little goes a very long way.

I made buyer in 4.5 years WITHOUT A DEGREE. Ran a $90M + business and numbers were OFF THE CHARTS! Publicly honored by my peers as IMPACT MERCHANT OF 2018. Merchant team of the year…

Jaxon is my life. The meaning of his name is GOD HAS BEEN GOOD OR SHOWN FAVOR. REMINDED DAILY OF THAT.

I have seen seven figures in my lifetime.

The owner of Concrete Rose Boutique, Infinity Candle Co, and The Link Consulting.


Currently in the process of starting my non-profit as well to bring awareness to Child Molestation.

The story of Concrete Rose is a beautiful journey. Full of late nights, early mornings, rejection, fears, and tears. Tons of ambitions and determination....

If you have been on this journey with me, I THANK YOU!

If you ever shared a post. THANK YOU

Bought a candle, a dress, or consulted with me for any of your small business needs. Thank YOU

The best has yet to come.

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