Infinity Candles

Infinity Candles

October 31, 2018 1 Comment


I am extremely pleased to announce our new candle line INFINITY.

I have always had a love for candles, so much that I personally spend about $150 a month on candles.  It’s my own guilty pleasure. I literally burn at least one full candle a day!

Sidebar: Legit, I hate going to restaurants or a daycare and smelling the harsh small of bleach. I feel like you are hiding something, more than I think you are actually clean. I could be wrong, but those are my thoughts…LOL

I like clean, fresh and organic scents. I strongly feel like certain places should just naturally have a pleasant scent.


During my move from Houston to Dallas, I had a thought of wanting to learn how to make candles. There were two things that stopped me...

#1 NO TIME for my own passion while working my wage slave job and helping to build someone else’s empire.

#2 Intimidation by the BIG brands (Jo Malone, Yankee, and Bath & Body to name a few)

I thought that a customer wouldn't be able to see the value in a handmade, hand poured candle. During my pre-launch (10/21) the support was overwhelming. I think I poured about 200 candles that week, and my kitchen looked like a science lab. I enjoyed learning how to mix scents to come up with my own signature blends, and watching the candles mold to a beautiful, yet delicate masterpiece. Each candle is uniquely different in scent and look. Our “Grace” candle easily become our signature scent with a sweet undertone and dried red rose petals.


The power in the meaning of INFINITY



Never ending


The name was perfect and set parallel with the Concrete Rose brand.





Each candle has an inspiration/aspirational word and quote that ties back into the name of the scent. Our scents werehand-picked and blended with those inspirational words in mind.

The smell of Grace is sweet and lingering, just like God’s Grace for us.

The smell of Journey is calm and delightful, just like our daily trials and tribulations through life.

The smell of Freedom is bold and happy, just like HIS promise.

These words aligned with our customers voice, matter of factly we asked her directly. What is your word? What keeps you motivated? What is that ONE word that keeps you moving?


We listened.

This project has taught me so much about myself and the value of patience, that I constantly find myself drifting into a state of gratefulness. Being thankful for his GRACE on this JOURNEY while I enjoy FREEDOM to paint and live the life, HE has intended for me.


Be Blessed Rose Buds!


 Order your candles today.


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November 05, 2018

Love this. So glad you finally have the time to POUR into YOU!

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