Purposeful Brand

Purposeful Brand

August 25, 2018

Seems like only yesterday we started this brand, 8 years later my reality is that I am now a full blown entrepreneur. This company was started because I came from nothing. A family with no drive, no legacy, and a bunch of folks barely making ends meet. I made that my fuel!!! My constant reminder of what I didn’t want my life to be. While solely owning and operating @concreterosebtq I also ran a multi-million dollar business for a growing home decor retailer... I took my passion for fashion and applied it to home furnishings. Needless, to say I made that company a lot money and I neglected my own business... April 2018 I fell sick with pneumonia and I was forced to reflect on life. Flashes of all the time that had lapsed, moments and missed opportunities, and I felt empty. I said this is not what God wants me to be doing. I kept coming back to CRB!!! I sit here now and think of all the reasons I started this business and it all comes back to the women around me, and the women I WISH I had in my life... I wanted a brand that highlighted all women. Especially that woman with a story that deserves to be heard. That one that turned that pain into passion. The one that turned nothing into something. Here’s to all my CONCRETE ROSES. You are loved. You are beautiful. You are strong!  Let’s connect🌹❤️

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